The package contains three 5 ml liquid egg dyes in yellow, green, and red, one pair of gloves for an adult, one pair of gloves for a child, a sachet of dyeing granules (approx. 100 g), and three dyeing cups with lids.

Your kids will love using a shaking cup instead of a dye bath! With this fantastic kit, the whole family can shake hard-boiled eggs to create cheerful, speckled unique objects in amazing colour combinations. And when the shaking and dyeing fun is over, everything can be tidied away in no time at all.


Water, Acidity regulator: E 270 Lactic acid, E 524 Sodium hydroxide; Colour: E 122 Azorubine, E 104 Quinoline Yellow, E 131 Patent Blue V, E 110 Orange Yellow S; Preservative: E 200 Sorbic acid; Glucose syrup Thickener: E 415 Xanthan gum, E 410 Locust bean gum

Made in Germany Food dyes Ready made dye For brown white eggs Cold dyeing Creative dyeing

Instructions for use

You will need:

Shake it package

Newspaper to protect surfaces


An egg cup

A table spoon

A tea cup

White or brown eggs

How it works

    • First, boil the eggs and keep them warm.
    • Divide the dyeing granules equally between the three shaking cups.
    • Next, put on the gloves and use the scissors to separate the dye capsules.
    • Cut off the tips of the dye capsules and stand in a teacup with the tips upwards.
    • Add about 15 drops of one of the dyes onto the dyeing granules in one of the shaking cups. Place the lid on the cup and give it a good shake.
    • Dry a hot egg using kitchen paper. Put it into the cup, replace the lid, and shake well.
    • If you want a stronger colour, add three to five more drops of dye and shake again.
    • Afterwards, you can dye the egg with additional colours.

    If the dyeing granules are too dry, simply add three to five drops of dye or half a teaspoon of water. Wait a few moments for the granules to absorb the dye.

    Tips for great shaking effects

    Try using more or less dye. Shake the eggs for different lengths of time. Combine colours as the mood takes you.

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