Hasis journey to Ghana

    The Easter Bunny Maxi tells the story of his friend Hasi

    "Dear Children,

    i am Maxi, the Easter Bunny from the town of Warburg in Germany, and I recognised Hasi, my little friend, immediately. We used to be best friends, but then one day we lost each other. This is how it happened: When Hasi and I were young, we lived together in a village with many other hares. We played together every day, told each other stories and always helped each other, if one of us had a problem. We both had a big dream: We wanted to be Easter Bunnies! Easter bunnies are very special in Germany. They hide colourfully painted eggs for the children during the feast of Easter. On Easter Day, the children then have to go searching for the eggs. It’s great fun and an old tradition in Germany as well as many other countries. To become an Easter Bunny, you have to know a lot. Hasi and I used to go to the Easter Bunny School and worked hard at our lessons. We were both a little bit afraid of the big Easter Bunny Exam – are you sometimes afraid before an exam? We were very excited. My father sent us to the big factory of Brauns-Heitmann in Warburg, where the dyes for the Easter eggs are made. He said: “The people there love Easter, and you can always ask for help. It’ll be the perfect way to prepare for your Easter Bunny Exam."

    Hasi was sitting on the edge of the road, tired and weak, when a car stopped beside him. The family found the small hare so cute, they picked him up and took him with them. Soon Hasi was sitting in a small backpack on the back seat of the car with the children. The backpack belonged to Greta, who was going on holiday with her brothers and parents. When Hasi got his strength back, he became curious and poked his little nose out of the backpack. He’d never seen so many people. They were everywhere: large, small, fat, thin. They all carried bags and suitcase and were in a hurry. Hasi boarded a plane with the family and flew to Spain. Greta played on the beach with her brother every day, enjoying the sea and the waves. Hasi sat in a small rubber dinghy and watched the children play. In the evening, their mother called the children and they hurriedly packed up all their things. But they left Hasi and the small rubber dinghy on the beach. Greta had forgotten about Hasi because she was in such a hurry. Soon it started to become dark.

    During the night it became windy and suddenly a huge wave came along. This wave came much further up the beach than all the other waves. Swoosh! The small boat and Hasi slipped into the sea. What a shock! He held on tight because the small boat was rocking intensely to and fro. The boat was pushed more and the little hare set off on a long sea journey. Suddenly the boat jerked. What had happened? Hasi had become entangled in a fishing net! He was pulled on board where the fishermen saw him among the fish. A strong hand took hold of him and laid him in a crate. There it was dark and peaceful. Hasi stayed there for a while.

    A woman who sold fish found Hasi and felt sorry for him. She took home as a present for her son. Pablo – that was the boy’s name – was delighted with the little hare. Hasi was always allowed to go with Pablo, even when he had to help his uncle on the fishing boat. The other boys on the boat were all bigger and stronger than Pablo and often caused him trouble. One day, they grabbed Hasi’s long ears and began a wild game. Hasi was thrown up in the air, spun around, was caught and thrown up in the air again – like a ball. A big, strong boy threw him particularly high in the air – and Hasi fell and fell and fell. And landed in the sea with a gentle plop. He quickly saved himself on a piece of tree trunk that was floating by, and was very dazed. But then he read an inscription on the tree trunk: “Your journey is filled with adventure. Soon you will arrive at a place where you are urgently needed. There you will bring luck to others, spread joy into the world and tell people about your adventures”. Hasi was very excited to see where his journey would lead. He felt calm and began to fall asleep and dream, as the current carried him away.

    No-one knows how long Hasi was in the sea. But when he woke up, he felt warm sand under his small body and his long ears hung down limply. There was sand everywhere and his nice trousers were very dirty. It was hot, the sun was burning and he lay there, completely exhausted. Suddenly he felt a soft hand on his body. It lifted him up and patted the sand away, very carefully. A very nice lady carried him carefully home and took such good care of him that he became a pretty little hare again. That was Mrs Knowles, of course.

    You, dear children, perhaps have not noticed, but Hasi sent a message to Germany, and Master Long Ear read it out during the big Bunnies’ Get-together: Dear Hare family in Germany, don’t worry. I’ve had a big adventure and am now in Ghana. Here in Africa I’ve made some wonderful friends. Everyone is very nice to me. It’s true that I didn’t get to be an Easter Bunny, but I’m a really lucky bunny. I’ll always try to make everyone happy and bring the children luck. Whatever happens, I’ll be here and have found the place where I should be. Perhaps you’ll come and visit me one day? Lots of love, Hasi.

    I’m very proud of my little friend. He never gave up and he survived a big adventure. I therefore say a big thank you to Mrs Knowles!

    Many loving bunny greetings, Maxi,the Easter Bunny from Germany"