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You’ll need:

Uncooked eggs (white or brown)

Diluted vinegar

Egg dyes for hot dyeing (or dye stock made from natural materials)

Small pieces of plants such as leaves, grasses, or flowers

Nylon stocking


Strong thread

A tablespoon

Cooling rack, or similar, for drying

Cooking oil

How it’s done

1. Clean the eggs with diluted vinegar and cut roughly 10 cm long pieces from a nylon stocking or nylon tights.

2. Then choose single flowers or small leaves and place these on the egg. Tip: Dampen the egg slightly so that the pieces of plant stick better.

3. Wrapping up the egg now requires a bit of skill: cover the egg with a piece of nylon stocking so the plant is as close as possible to the egg and doesn’t slip. Then tie up the end with the thread.

3. The wrapped eggs can now be boiled and dyed in this little bag in a home-made dye stock or in a dye bath made from HEITMANN egg dyes.

4. After dyeing, lift the eggs out of the dye bath using a spoon, cut the material open carefully, remove the plant, and leave the eggs to dry.

5. You can then rub a little cooking oil onto the eggs to give them a beautiful glossy finish.

Your miniature work of art is finished! These pretty eggs are a true delight—as an Easter gift or simply as a surprise on the breakfast table.