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Item No.: 60150

Sheen pen, soft pastel

With 3D look for your happy Easter table.
Item No.: 60312

Shiny marble colours

Pretty marbled Easter eggs in an instant.
Item No.: 60151

Magic wand with ink

A simply magical effect.
Item No.: 60362

Gold rush

The upscale egg with the glitter effect, ready in an instant.
Item No.: 60311

Pearl effect

The most beautiful marbling with a shiny pearl effect.
Item No.: 60012

Shiny egg

These liquid egg dyes turn Easter eggs into shiny jewels.
Item No.: 60329

Shake it

Lots of colourful, shaking fun.
Item No.: 60307

Egg printing

Dye and print pretty pictures on your Easter eggs.
Item No.: 4107

Fun speckled eggs

For a colourful, fun-filled Easter
Item No.: 60325

Glitter egg

Make your own small objects of desire.
Item No.: 60085

Stick & Paint

Fun pictures on colourful eggs.