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Discover our creative variety!
Item No.: 60099

Sticker Funny Faces

Decorative stickers with fun motifs
Item No.: 60150

Sheen pen, soft pastel

With 3D look for your happy Easter table.
Item No.: 4130

Easter Egg Cold Dyes

Shining colours - cold dyed!
Item No.: 60325

Glitter egg

Make your own small objects of desire.
Item No.: 60302

Colour riot

Shiny, colourful and luminous
Item No.: 60079


Simple and easy-to-use dyes.
Item No.: 4160

Express – with plant-based dyes

Plant-based dyes are especially pretty.
Item No.: 4107

Fun speckled eggs

For a colourful, fun-filled Easter
Item No.: 60080

Magic Egg - Tradition

Abracadabra, the magic egg is ready!
Item No.: 4170

Colonia Egg Dye, blue

Dye however you like.
Item No.: 4176

Decor Transfers Comic

Decorate dyed and undyed eggs imaginatively.
Item No.: 4044

Self-adhesive Pictures

Stick on and decorate to your heart's desire.
Item No.: 60158

Happy Smiles - decorative banderoles

Put a smile on an egg in a matter of seconds
Item No.: 4117

Self-adhesive sticker

5 assorted motifs
Item No.: 60362

Gold rush

The upscale egg with the glitter effect, ready in an instant.
Item No.: 60312

Shiny marble colours

Pretty marbled Easter eggs in an instant.
Item No.: 60092

Egg blow-out kit

Blowing out eggs the easy way.
Item No.: 60012

Shiny egg

These liquid egg dyes turn Easter eggs into shiny jewels.
Item No.: 4159

Easter egg dyes and decorations

No limits to your imagination with this set
Item No.: 60096

Nostalgic Egg Dye

A recipe based on over 140 years of experience.
Item No.: 60013

Easter Paint Palette

Colourful designs with paintbrush and palette
Item No.: 4169

Colonia Egg Dye, red

With intensive colour sheen.
Item No.: 4123

Iris Egg Dye

Iris Egg Dyes provide wonderfully rich and varied colours. Generations of Easter Bunnies cannot be wrong!
Item No.: 60347

Draw with me - liquid

The ingenious painting device, now with liquid gloss egg paints
Item No.: 4155

Draw with me

The ingenious drawing device. For boiled and blown eggs.
Item No.: 60329

Shake it

Lots of colourful, shaking fun.
Item No.: 60311

Pearl effect

The most beautiful marbling with a shiny pearl effect.
Item No.: 60085

Stick & Paint

Fun pictures on colourful eggs.
Item No.: 60010

Speedy Colori orange-blue

Dye with a cloth – fast, simple, clean.
Item No.: 4157

Bright & colourful

Vibrant colours for a radiant Easter basket.
Item No.: 60087

Easter Egg Decorative Film

Keeps eggs warm. Simply wrap boiled eggs.
Item No.: 4172

Colonia Egg Dye, yellow

With intensive colour sheen
Item No.: 4116

Easter Egg Cold Dyes & Craft

A great combination of dyeing and craft.
Item No.: 60008

6 Easter Egg Pens

Draw straight onto boiled eggs with the fibre-tip pen.
Item No.: 60346

Ei love eggs - decorative banderoles

Funny sayings for your Easter egg
Item No.: 4154


Dye eggs quickly and without mess.
Item No.: 60327

Super Color Trio

Strong colours, extremely fast and simple to use!
Item No.: 60307

Egg printing

Dye and print pretty pictures on your Easter eggs.
Item No.: 60151

Magic wand with ink

A simply magical effect.
Item No.: 60009

Speedy Colori rosa-grün

Dye with a cloth – fast, simple, clean.
Item No.: 4156

Soft pastels

Pretty, light colours for a cheerful Easter basket.
Item No.: 60081

Magic Egg - Comic

Abracadabra, the magic egg is ready!
Item No.: 4171

Colonia Egg Dye, green

With intensive colour sheen
Item No.: 4177

Decor Transfers Tradition

Stick on and decorate to your heart's desire.
Item No.: 4046

Dye Sheets for Easter Eggs

Made from pure food colourings